Demonstration Programs for Algorithms Pubished in Paper

E. Sanmarti, T. Holczinger, L. Puigjaner, F. Friedler,
Combinatorial Framework for Effective Scheduling of Multipurpose Batch Plants, AIChE Journal, 48, 2557 (2002)

This home-page is established by the authors of the paper to provide demonstartion programs of the algorithms published in the paper. These programs can be downloaded freely and, therefore, we hope they will be useful for all who are interested in batch process scheduling. We are looking forward to receiving your comments (contact information at the bottom of the page)

1. Demonstration program for the basic algorithm and the input files

Demonstration program for the basic algorithm (see Figures 14, 15, and 16): scheduling.exe

Input file for Example 2 (see Figure 11): example2.sch

Input file for Example 3 (see Table 1):

  • Example 3 with 4 batches: example3_4batches.sch
  • Example 3 with 5 batches: example3_5batches.sch
  • Example 3 with 6 batches: example3_6batches.sch
  • Example 3 with 7 batches: example3_7batches.sch
  • Example 3 with 8 batches: example3_8batches.sch

    Input file for Example 4 (see Table 3 and 4): example4.sch

    Note: these examples can be modified or new examples can be introduced for further examination of the algorithms.

    2. Demonstration program for the combinatorially accelerated algorithm and the input file of the case study

    Zipped file including

  • case_study.xls (input file of the Case Study given in Tables 5, 6 and 7)
  • SCH.exe (demonstration program for the combinatorially accelerated algorithm)
    Note: this program is available just to illustrate the speed in solving a complex industrial problem. Only graphical output is generated.
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